Last Updated 6/16/05
The J-Files  
The J-Files: This is one of my first, and definitely biggest sites. It pretty much includes everything.
The X-Cellent X-Files X-Perience  
The X-Cellent X-Files X-Perience: Everything The X-Files. There are thousands of photos and more!
LuckyGirl: Meeting the cast/crew of different shows. Also includes set tours and filming locations.
The Official Jason Schombing Fansite  
The Official Jason Schombing Fansite: A great actor who has been in many things.
Gillian Anderson on the Web  
Gillian Anderson on the Web: Thousands of photos and a lot more!
Gillian Anderson on the Web  
Digital Distinxion: All of my artwork, including photography, digital art, 3-D art, and more.

More Sites


Gillian Anderson on the Web
Also on Sci Fi Vision, an older fansite, with thousands of photos and more!

Dean Aylesworth
The fansite for a great actor. There will be more coming soon.

Tahmoh Penikett Fanclub and Fansite
Join the fanclub! There are photos as well. There will be more soon.

Paul Campbell Fanclub
Join the fanclub and see the photos.

Ellen Dubin
Another fansite of mine. There will be more soon.

Alex Zahara
More on this great actor is coming soon.

Duchovny World
An older fansite on David Duchovny. There are hundreds of photos!

Nick Lea
An older fansite. There are photos and more.

Dean Haglund
A fansite with photos as well as my experiences watching him on stage.

Love & Liver
A fansite for the actor Doug Hutchison. There are photos and more.

Bree Sharp Online
A fansite for this great singer I made awhile ago.

Manipulated Truths
An art site of mine that focuses on The X-Files.


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